As a blogger, trying to move up in the low-paying to no-paying world of blogging, I frequently check on the “keywords” my visitors use. Some of them make sense, but others….well……there are a lot of strange people in this world. Of course, if you are a regular reader, nothing you Google is strange (biting sarcasm here). Why oh why are people searching for:

* kiss my crack
* kiss my beads
* protitutes gulfport, MS (typo and all – I couldn’t make this stuff up)
* kiss me I’m a vegetarian (well I am)
* candy nola whore (say wahhhh?)
* I kissed my cousin
* bi girls in Picayune MS need a man

At least these searches are good for our morning laughter!!!
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3 Replies to “Kiss my what?”

  1. Oh, I truly laughed at this. Likewise, I have seen some strange keyword searches on my blog. Since I blog about politics and politicians, I get sick ones like “ron paul naked.” Can you say – ewwwww? My eyes! My eyes!

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