update: I so could sooooo live in this house made of containers


Could shipping containers be the answer? I am not just talking about these in place of the FEMA asbestos trailers, but as a well designed, able to fit into New Orleans alternative. Brad call (985)807-4805 me – let’s talk about this option. Talk about “Green,” We live near a dang port – oh wait a minute, we have a port with shipping containers readily available. Certainly there are enough bright and creative artists and architects in town who could use their imagination and make a shipping container into a shotgun house or the housing development that will come back whether you want it to or not. Just saying….What say you?

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3 Replies to “Shipping containers to Shotgun Houses?”

  1. I’ve seen truck trailer boxes similar in size converted to apartments. I had one for a shop. As an apartment, we;re talking 8×40 feet. the narrow footprint takes getting used to. For a family, you’d need at least two or three of them, and then you’d have to WANT TO be happy in it.

    It’s an interesting thought, though.

  2. I was in one for a local home show. It was just adorable. The inside was fabulous and no you couldn’t tell you were in a container, it was more like a cabin. It was also equipped with solar panels and had the potential for off grid living (hence my interest). I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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