Update: Friday 1:00 I called the Registrar Of Voters in Covington – early voting is today until 4:30 and Saturday 8:30-4:30. I asked for explanations about the 4 Constitutional Amendments and was given this website and someone please dumb this down for me. As for the 4 Parish ballot yes & no – I was told 1 is for the library, 1 for Florida Parish Juvenile Center , another the Juvenile Justice Center and the other for Parish police. Was also told to contact each one of these groups for information – like I have time for all this – dang!

Update Friday 10 AM – my tentative ballot & why (T-P= Times Picayune)

Governor – Jindal – best candidate – great campaign – don’t agree with George’s or Cambell on some things & Boasso doesn’t do it for me – T-P endorses

LT Governor – Mitch Landrieu – T-P endorses and I think he needs a chance to prove himself. Hesitancy is a Democrat – may change this one. He was the only candidate inthis group to have a real website – which means he takes it seriously

Secretary of State – Jay Dardenne – seems like a decent candidate

Attorney General – Royal Alexander – Republican and hopefully hard on crime!

Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry – Mike Strain – T-P endorses, (R), ran a decent campaign

Commissioner of Insurance – Jim Donelon – my neighbors have signs up – T-P endorsed (R) – works for me

State Senator, 6th Senatorial District – Julie Quinn – heard she was a real go-getter

Parish President – Kevin Davis – I like him – keep him in office

Council Member, District 10 – J. Kelly Dabdoub – new face – gung ho candidate

CA no.1 – Salary Supp law enf.fire enforcer – T-P against, consulted neighbor – for – Jury still out?

CA no. 2 – Suppl uniform pay plans – against because I think there are probably give ample allowances and uniforms?

CA no. 3 – state retirement additional funds – ???????????

CA no. 4 – I think against????

Parishwide 4 Mills- Florida Juv Justice Commission – yes or no – and I have absolutely no idea??????

Parishwide 6.33 Mills – PC – 15 years – same as above?????

Parishwide, HRC Amendment Parish Council – yes or no – no clue?????

Mosquito Abat. Dist. No. 2 Parishwide 5.55MILL- BOC -10 years – CLUELESS AGAIN!!!!!????

I always vote, but this is the most confusing and cocamamie election ballot I have ever seen! I thought I was a pretty savvy political person but I have a huge “L” on my forehead right now. You can’t vote straight ticket, you have to be informed! I have the ballot printed out and to tell you the truth I would rather wait until the 20th rather than go in early and have no idea what I am voting for!

It is 9:00 on Friday morning, I have the ballot printed out in front of me and have circled my obvious choices but UGH!!!!!! I can’t figure out the rest. Mission for Friday – ignore children and house – research ballot!!! How is the average voter supposed to figure this out?????????

Here is where I am going for research:
League of Women Voters
Louisiana Governor

(c/p at NOLA.com)

6 Replies to “Early voting & big “L” on forehead”

  1. How is Jindal the best candidate?

    Why should we elect someone who made $27K in congress over the last 2 months and only showed up once?

    Why should we elect someone who claims to support ethics reform but who has voted in Congress to weaken house ethics rules.

    Jindal was head of DHH from 96-98. In 97 Louisiana’s health ranking was 48. In 98 it was 49. In 99 it was 50th.. DEAD LAST. If my grades go from a D to an F, you cant say that you improved your grades. If you coach a football team that is 11-5 last year but is 5-11 this year, you cant say you improved the team. So if you “lead” the DHH from 48th to 50th, you cant say that you fixed the department.

    Don’t buy the misleading spin. Look behind the curtain and learn the truth. Jindal is not new blood, he is a cog in the existing political machine.

    One week Jindal says that you should campaign by discussing why you are good for the job and not why the other person is bad. But then the very next week he releases the “clown” ad, which is simply namecalling with no facts to back it up! So he is clearly a liar because he had to know that ad was in production. And even this morning, he complains about the MUD that the other candidates throw at him but he is also guilty of throwing MUD in this campaign. WHO CARES that it is not his voice calling other people clowns, it is still his campaign doing it so obviously he is endorsing the mudslinging done by his campaign.

    Jindal just sounds like the crybaby bully in 4th grade. You know, the one that hits everyone else but when someone else hits back he goes running back to momma. Attack ads are a part of politics, perhaps Jindal just needs to GROW UP.

    Jindal is a coward for not showing up to all the debates. People say that this was the smart thing politically to do. Well, Louisiana has suffered at the hands of “smart politicians” for far too long. perhaps we need someone who does what is best for the people and not what is best for himself.

    And who cares if T-P endorsed him? Their endorsement lacked some serious fact checking.


  2. Hey Greta, when you figure out what the last 6 things are on that list will you update for us? I also thought that there was supposed to be something about the library on the ballot?

    Hey Daniel, So you told us not to vote for Jindal, so who are you voting for? And why? I am still on the fence for this position so I am all ears.

  3. I am leaning towards Walter Boasso at the moment, though all the candidates have 8 days to convince me otherwise.

    He is a successful businessman and I like the idea of someone running this state like a business. He is making homeowners insurance problems a focus of his campaign and I think that is vital if we want to retain our citizens.

    Who you vote for is your own decision. However, when I see misinformation about Bobby Jindal (which is what the T-P endorsement was full of) or any other candidate, I feel the need to step up and set the record straight.

  4. I’m tired of the legislature asking us to do their job. LA asks us to amend the Constitution too often, and the amendments reduce legislators’ flexibility because future changes to the constitution must be approved by the people. I’m voting against all Amendments on principle.

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