Friday, I was driving home and listening to Shane Warner’s farewell radio show. He said he had 2 Saints tickets he wouldn’t be needing and to be the twelfth caller. I immediately speed-dialed and was one of the final 5 callers on hold. While I called, he decided he would hear the stories from each caller and then let his producer pick. While holding, one caller dropped out, so I had a 1 in 4 chance of winning these tickets for Sunday’s game. Hold hold hold….I NEVER have been a contest caller or winner for that matter. This is where the George Costanza reference comes to play. George is the pitiful loser from Seinfeld.

New rules for the tickets… in 30 second of the Jeopardy tune – tell why you deserve the tickets. Gah!!!! I hate that stuff. I ended up going last. All I could think of while on hold was the episode where George has to compete against a survivor from the Andrea-Doria.

Caller 1 – her and her husband had never been to a Saints Game and wanted to go
Caller 2 – loved the Saints and had recently moved back here
Caller 3 had a daughter with Down’s Syndrome who was starting to love the Saints – oh great Greta, ya top this by pulling on some freaking heartstrings for some stupid football tickets for your hubby and 11yo son. I was ready to just give the tix to him and hang up – but I proceeded with my plea.
Me – my hubby retired from the Army last year, served in Iraq and we moved here this year and are becoming Saints fans and have never been to a game. OK George – you big loser – go ahead & pull the tickets right from the Down’s Syndrome kid.

Turns out me & caller number 3 win the tickets – phew – hubby had to pick them up on his way home from work at the station in Metairie.

Today – hubby and #1 son owe me big time so I will shamelessly hand out the list of chores in return for me George Constanzaing myself for tickets! I leave you with a great George Costanza tribute – enjoy.

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  1. HA! Too funny! Now you’re like George fighting with the Bubble Boy over the MOOPS!

    Congratulations on winning the tickets! 😀

    When I lived in Arizona, we had tickets to see the Saints play the Cardinals–it was to be my first time seeing the Saints. We ate at Po Folks the night before, and I ended up with a nasty case of food poisoning. Insult to injury: we ended up not being able to go because I was violently ill, although until about five minutes before we were to leave I was determined to get better. I haven’t had the chance to go to a Saints game since then. And that’s my story if I ever end up with a chance to beg for Saints tix–and heck yes, I’ll milk that story for everything it’s worth, details and all. 😛

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