Ya, My Cousin Vinnie – a classic. Now go around saying “yoots” all day. Oh wait, many people in Louisiana already say that (bwahahahaha).

So Friday night I got a long overdue call from my good friend from Oklahoma. Her family moved away from Oklahoma 4 months after we did (us- January of 2007 and them – well do the math). We went to Louisiana while they went to a suburb of Dallas. We have moved a whole bunch while this was their first big move. Both families are so happy with their new lives and took their moves as an opportunity to re-invent themselves in a positive way.

Early on, as a new military spouse, someone told me one of the cool things about moving around so much was that arriving at each new post was like having new clothes. I know, pretty silly and trivial crud, but very true. That blue shirt that you have been photographed in for the last 5 years, is new to your new friends (though your family is ready for you to heave it). My friend told her teenage son that he could be whoever he wanted at his new school. In the end, when you try and start fresh, you are who you were. I am convinced, that in both of our cases, our moves were the best things for both our families. Relocating allows for clean slates and fresh opportunities – new adventures. For us, the best part of this move – was knowing that we don’t have to move around anymore, for them, a chance for a new beginning and better opportunities.

Getting mooshy here, but this afternoon we were all at the park and it delighted me to see my boys and all the neighborhood kids playing a game of “3 on 3 tennis” like that had known these kids all their lives. Simultaneously, my daughter was running around with her best friend. Yep – we blend. As for our friends, they blend in their new environment too.

Nine months since we arrived and it is like we have lived here forever! All you who complain about New Orleans – remember – for my family – it was the best move we ever made! We are so glad to be here!!!!
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  1. You are the funniest person I have ever met. And I LOVE this movie. My husband does imitations very well and Pesci is one of my favorites.

    This place is great! Spending time with family and friends are valued and cherished. Do you notice the streets and stores are less crowded on Sunday here?

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