Louisiana here again. Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote, but I have been sooooo busy lately. I am getting so tired of everyone making fun of me and thinking I’m bad or lazy or incompetent. I really am good and am way excited. You see, I just had my latest elections and it looks like things are going to be turning around real soon. Really, like every other State is better or something – geesh. Snobs really get to me. I betcha most kids couldn’t find most States on a map, they know I’m the one hanging next to my BFF Texas.

Brrrr….was a little chilly this week, but this weekend am planning on warming up so everyone can enjoy all the fun outdoor activities I have to offer. Gosh, if only the news would focus on all my positive attributes for just 1 week I wouldn’t feel so bad. Some days I look in the mirror and wonder if anyone likes me at all. But remember how after Katrina I was voted “most likely to succeed and be even better than ever?” That was so cool. It is time for me to show my peers that I am the best. Really, who wouldn’t love me if they only gave me a chance? I really have been working on so many personal issues that everyone should take notice. I know I am not perfect, but who is?

As for positive stuff, have you been reading this blog called Kiss My Gumbo? It is about time that this author’s positive and humorous writings got more notice. If I were an editor of a local paper or radio or TV station, I would pay her big bucks to share her point of view. After all, she is part of my new image, my positive one. Those makeover shows for homes and people are so fun to watch. Wish I could have my own show and let the world know how great I am. Not conceited mind you, just bragging on the truth!

Promise to not wait so long to write again.

~Love LA~
P.S. Note to self – get IKEA, Trader Joe’s, Ulta, Sephora, Crate & Barrel, & Kohl’s
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  1. I like your “Dear Diary” approach. Maybe I need to do one called “Dear Lawmaker” signed The Taxpayer.

    I do wish you would get picked up locally. LA needs the Princess of Positive message.

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