Did you ever go to a restaurant that has too many options and it takes you way too long to decide? You almost get annoyed because you can’t make up your mind. Then the waitress comes around to take orders and you ask to go last because you are still looking. I’ve decided that this weekend in New Orleans and St Tammany is just like that. In my entire life, I don’t remember so many options of events. Growing up in a suburb of Boston, I remember the few “big” events we went to every year: craft shows, Christmas lights, 4th of July parades and the Boston Marathon. Mix that in with a couple of local events from a church, school or organization and that was our life. My nickname in high school was Julie McCoy (yep the cruise director for the Love Boat). I was the one who organized the gang every weekend – now I am in charge of my family’s weekend plans.

Fercryingoutloud, my waiter has just woken up and wants to know what is on the menu for today. You see, the waiter is hubby and I am the official “Julie McCoy” in our house. Since he has Cabela’s on the brain and the kids need some new shoes and pants (outlet shopping), I reckon we’ll be loading up the family truckster and heading to Gonzales for the day. Note to self…get pumpkins too.

As for all the New Orleans festivals and the Monster Mash in St. Tammany – we will pass for today. I full expect to get struck by lightning in the next five minutes as I am sure I pissed off the Louisiana Gods!

If you do attend anything in New Orleans, I recommend you head to Washington Park at 2:00 to rally with the Gathering of Eagles. They will also March at 4:00. This group is formed of true patriots who support the troops and the mission and counter any effect that this group has. I give them my full support from my laptop and from Cabela’s, but I’m afraid I won’t be there. Remember, they want peace too…who doesn’t? Alright, off my soapbox and time to get the family mobilized for today’s mission!

Have fun no matter what and don’t drink and drive!!!
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  1. We’re doing the Slidell Antique Street Fair and then biking the Tammany Trace to Abita Springs for lunch!

    You say you grew up outside of Boston. I’m from Haverhill, Ma.

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