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If you are reading this blog today – you are smarter than the average parent or adult. Not just because you are reading this awesome & most entertaining blog (lol), but because:
1. you know how to turn on a puter
2. you can navigate enough to find this blog
3. you know what a blog is
4. you value the internet as a tool

Last night, yours truly, went to a talk at Lake Harbor Middle School for internet safety. Being the absolute cyber-geek that I am, I was looking for many specific answers just because I am “so out there” (makes me think of Kramer saying he’s out there on Seinfeld). I am a parent and all my time on teh internets has to be good for something dangit (right honey). I mean, I guess all the time playing geek has armed me with more knowledge than the average parent as I know how scary it is out there. I fly under the radar on all my blogs (yes – I have more than 1 as most bloggers do) for the most part and from the scary commenters – but I have other internet friends who have had to report some to the FBI.

Big kudos to the school for allowing this program, the guest speakers & the parents that attended in search of cyber-knowledge. I will leave you with a few tips of my own – fwiw (for what it is worth)
1. Your sweet little darling may push the “bar” on the web – anonymity people
2. There are tons of psychos out there and they are shopping for victims
3. NO child should have a computer or laptop in their room or a TV for that matter
4. Your little angel may have a few friends on their MySpace that may look sweet and innocent – but pictures and info posted on the web – are available to ALL!!! If your kid’s “friend” puts a picture of them at their school – it can be directly connected to your kid. Think about it!
5. Moms that think it is cool to post tons of pictures on their MySpace for their friends and family to see are actually sharing those pictures with psychos
6. Any parent that doesn’t know check their kids’ IM’s, text messages or search history on the puter – need to learn how to do that TODAY!!!

Anyhoo, Big Greta Brother is out there (thank goodness). I see what you Google folks and I know your IP’s. If you aren’t doing anything wrong -no worries.
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