como.jpgYep bathtubs and faucets and toilets…oh my. I have been busting my, needing to get a little smaller before the holidays, butt (too many Po-Boys & beignets) to get my master bathroom remodeling project on track. If you would like to follow along with the progress, click here. I am now almost $7,000 into it – UGH!!! Why can’t there be a bathtub Rooms to Go??? You say, “I like that style,” and you buy everything in the room including the plumber, tile guy and electrician in one sweep and you are done. The EASY button! One price and no hidden or unexpected surprise costs.

Being my own general contractor for the first time – it ain’t that easy. Choices are great – but too many – my head spins around and green slime comes out of my mouth!!! You see, all I wanted to buy was a tub – something to soak my aching body in, maybe once a year, in all my free time. I don’t need no stinkin $10,000 dollar tub unless it dusts, vacuums, cleans toilets and does laundry. Who the hell buys a tub like that? You could feed a third world country for a day with that kind of excess! I mean, if I won the Nigerian lottery again today (just checked my spam box and I won again), would I ever spend that kind of foolish money on a tub? Survey says…*^$%!

I am embarrassed to say that I bought a $2,000 piece of plastic. Sorry kids, Christmas and Hannukah are canceled this year because mommy bought a bathtub. Sorry soldiers, no care packages for you because of my hulking piece of plastic!!! Well, this glorious bathtub that is on order was actually the most reasonably priced chunk of plastic as I am trying to fit it into a master bathroom that is 10 times smaller that the one I owned in Oklahoma. Not that I’m complaining. I used to refer to my Oklahoma bathroom as a waste of space. I could have rented it out to family – it was stupidly big! But hey, I would much rather have a 2×4 bathroom here as I LOVE IT in Louisiana and am never leaving!!!

I have given myself a budget of $12,000 for the project and am obviously hoping to stay under it! Anyone want to place a friendly wager on this one?
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