***Good morning Louisiana! Did you change your clocks???

***Thanks for reading today and don’t forget to read any posts you have missed over the past week. Tons of humor and misc. crud!

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***51 days until Christmas – Hannukah is December 4th – OMG…that makes 31 day… heart palpitations…the organizer must get organized!!! Oh ya – and that Turkey holiday in between, then Mardi Gras right after the New Year…..

***The Fall Festival at Mandeville Elementary School (I volunteered a bit) was very well organized, there were tons of activities and the silent auction and raffle stuff was over the top – 5 star! My kids spent every penny I had and then went for hubby’s wallet- but it all goes to the school. As for the weather – well, we couldn’t have ordered a more perfect day.

*** Hubby had chili festival on the brain, so we headed to Madisonville for lunch. For just $5 you got a bottomless bowl of chili and there were 25 kinds to sample! They also had hamburgers for $2 and hot dogs for $1 – not too shabby. And only $2 for a draft beer – ice cold yippee! Hubby and oldest are banished to their own island after eating all that chili!!!!

***LSU won, d’uh, like you didn’t know, and what a game it was! I can’t believe I am cheering for them – I am a Gator. Oh the shame!

***Hornets won Friday night – why aren’t we filling the seats folks? November the 9th is the next game and tickets sell for as low as $10!!!! We must support them NOLA!!!

*** How about theWinerack or Beerbelly for the perfect holiday gift? Bwahahaha!

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