I have to admit, Louisiana has had its’ share of public figures opening mouths and inserting feet! Heck, will anyone ever forget “Chocolate City?” I can’t ever get all those great photoshops out of my mind (Wonka bwahahaha). When I started blogging 3 years ago, I realized that whatever I wrote…is out there permanently. Even if I delete it – it can be uncovered (we have our ways). I regret nothing I wrote in all the 3 years…but then again I am not the most controversial blogger out there for sure! I try not to drink and blog – nothing to hide – no money in the freezer here (though that would be nice). I try not to rage or impulse blog either.

As a Milblogger (my other blog) who has always been aware of OPSEC (security) rules. I go by this guideline that says, “assume your mother, commander and enemy are going to read it.” Kind of like when I teach my kids about honesty and integrity. I think I have drilled in their head (and hopefully scared the tar out of them) to imagine Mom is always watching what you are doing and saying. It is what you do when I am not looking that counts!

A while back (don’t make me search), I posted about a plan for the new Governor – who we now know is Jindal – yay! I beg him to give ALL public officials 3 days of amnesty for quietly resigning after he takes office. I think many are sweating behind closed doors because they performed a shady deal at one point. Not that I wouldn’t like to see all guilty lying scum prosecuted, but I hate this state wasting any more money. Just leave with no questions ask and don’t ask for another penny!

Imus, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Halle Berry, & Mel Gibson….who else would you, THAT MEANS YOU, add to the list of people who wish they could take something they did or said back? Come on…it is Monday….get that brain cranking!

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