UPDATE – thanks for all the Weblog Award votes. No I didn’t win, but I am sure the reason is because all of you were voting at the same time and that is what crashed their site (lol). Thanks for supporting me!

* I’ve come up with a great list of holiday ideas from local merchants – feel free to suggest more (I’m my own small business promo guide)

* Ready to rock & roll with the bathroom remodeling starting next week -wish me luck!

* artists & musicians needing websites – listen up- Steph is a Louisiana freelance website designer, artist & musician & has decided to devote herself to helping others artists get their own websites. Her stuff is great (from my eye) and for just $10 a month for hosting – it is a bargain. Her portfolio is here. If she doesn’t pan out for you – I have a couple of other designers that may be able to help you with your design needs!

* Southern Louisiana Artists- look – new website for you to jump into!!!

* can’t wait for the 3 Rivers Art Festival this weekend. I am a virgin to this event -see you there Saturday!

* Still looking for 101 uses for duct tape in Louisiana!!!!

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  1. Thank you very much for mentioning our site in your blogs! We hope to provide an opportunity to artists to have a page on the internet that they can update themselves for very little money. See the New Orleans Magazine for our latest add promoting an artist and the site.

    Thanks again!

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