img_1770.JPG* Peanut (Nutter, The Nut) – this 3 pound virtually brain dead (born 2-4 hours after the litter depending on who you ask) cat who the kids carry around like a doll, wouldn’t put her foot down on Friday. So I quickly put her in her carrier & took her to the vet. Immediately, she turned into Taz. Seriously, this sweet lump of a cat whose days normally consist of walking into walls, doing her “Scoobying” thing (she can’t quite run on tile & looks like Scooby Doo), licking the air instead of her fur and purring with her mouth open became the Tazmanian Devil when I put her in her carrier. By the time we got in to see the vet – she had scratched and clawed and gone so crazy in the cage that all her nails were bleeding. We also later noticed that she split her ear.

Turns out she has a subluxing “trick knee” and it went back into place. She got a shot of cortisone and antibiotics for her now torn up fingernails. I left her for a little bit at the vet as I had an appointment. When I came back, the tech. showed me her band-aid. Little precious kitty had bit and scratched her. She called her Sybil! OMG – not my baby kitty (who is actually full-grown but a perpetual kitten) was vicious.

I took her home and she quickly retreated under my bed & growled & hissed all day (I didn’t know she could do this). Called hubby & told him the story & he really thinks I made it up. He comes home from work, calls her name and out she comes like nothing ever happened. Unfreakingbelievable!

* Dang spammers are getting way too personal now.

Hello Dear,
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My Reply – Sorry, my money is all tied up with Nigerian Spammers & DON’T CALL ME DEAR! Do I even need to tell you how tired I am of this crud in my in-box all day long? Die Spammers – DIE!!!

* Why can’t I have thought of air in a can? I’d be a freaking billionaire… air – can – sell to consumers – D’uh!

* If stores didn’t print coupons or waste money marketing sales….would everything be cheaper? Walgreens for example – they need to get rid of their coupons or at least automate them into the machine. How many times have we been stuck in a line with the cashier &/or customer scanning the circular looking for the coupon or promo for the item they are buying?! I hate time wasting & inefficiency & yesterday – had them both in Mandeville. This wonderful concept has both those wonderful qualities. I am not a complainer but a problem solver….Walgreens – get rid of the circulars!!!

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