The bride & groom go down the aisle to Barry White!

Calm down – I know you want more….Well, it started with the invitation from hubby’s work for a “40 year later wedding.” Of course, I hardly know anyone at his work, but hey – babysitter, blue jean wedding – I’m game. Hubby is a man (need I say more?), so the details I got about this wedding were very sketchy!

First off, we arrived early so we went to New City Grille in Old Metairie. Usually the beer drinker, I opted for 2 White Russians while hubby enjoyed basic beer (boring). We split an appetizer ($16- yikes) for crab cakes. 2 came on the plate, but we were not disappointed & for lagniappe – free bread & butter & the entertainment of our bartender Roy Brooks. His mom was sitting next to us…ladies he is single & makes a mean White Russian….that has to be good for something.

Then we were off to a really unique wedding. I didn’t know the bride or the groom, but was honored to share in this fairy tale story. You see, they dated in high school, both were married, both divorced for long periods of time and 40 years later found each other and were married. They were both glowing from head to toe and their love certainly filled the room! A few beers later and $45 for a babysitter & pizza cost…& our once a year “date night” was over.

You must understand that I post the night before – so I have had a few drinks and am daring to drink & drive my keyboard. So if Chris Rose’s post blows this away…so be it! I love my new home – and I ain’t leaving! You are stuck with me Louisiana! Also, you are stuck with my blogging, my blog style, my warped sense of humor & my positive outlook on life….The Princess of Positive has spoken!
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  1. OMG, that video! You know why Barry White is smiling, don’t you? He’s laughing at all those dorks ’cause of their spastic-looking dancing!!! 😯

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