Friday 1:15 690 AM Eric Asher WIST-listen-I will be a call in guest!
Yours truly will be a third time guest on Inside New Orleans with Eric Asher. Eric appreciates the work Soldiers’ Angels does and generously gives me a forum to promote it! If you are unfamiliar with Soldiers’ Angels, come on over to the Louisiana website and jump right in!

Right now we are still needing financial donations for holiday gift postage. There will be over 100,000 gift being sent overseas this year (most on their way). With most of the holiday work done, the hamster on the wheel in my brain started running fast while I was folding laundry. I started to think of how cool it would be to share some of the Mardi Gras spirit with our men and women in uniform overseas. All the directions can be found here and I even made a downloadable flyer for you to distribute at well!

If you want to see what a Mardi Gras overseas looks like, click here. If those pictures don’t want to make you get some beads and King Cake and whatever else ready to go overseas….then go check your pulse!

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