showletter-5.jpg This past week has been absolute chaos (Murphy’s Law of everything). I barely stopped to eat anything but a frozen Reese’s I hid in the freezer (ya know – the good Halloween candy that you save to give out last and didn’t get taken). The whole fam damily will leave Louis Armstrong airport today for a much needed vacation! We head to El Paso for a week, with a 3 day stay in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. We made so many lifelong friends during our 3 years stationed at Fort Bliss. We fly in tonight and immediately step into a huge fiesta with all our friends and their kids!

I am sure any mom (or anyone who knows a mom- that means you) out there can relate, but getting ready to go on a vacation is a freaking nightmare. Chulo the Stupor Dog, the short bus cat and my 3 other cats that I feed but who don’t get the time of day, will be cared for. With 5 animals, house sitters are the way to go. The bathroom renovation will be worked on while I’m away too (please finish). I loathe packing, and as usual, it is the morning of the trip and I have everything done,…but my stuff! Do I even need to tell you how much crud we are bringing? With the 3 days in the mountains, I had to lug all the winter gear down from the attic. Half of it is too small for the monsters, but it will have to do. Warm weather clothes are sooooo much easier to pack for than snow jackets, boots yadayadayada. Note to self…next vacation – all warm climate!

You may or may not get your dose of “The Princess of Positive” until after Thanksgiving. This is a great time to catch up on all the great archives and the extra pages for holiday shopping etc….Got the CC’s, Absolut New Orleans, King Cakes from Rouse’s,….yep…..ready to go! I don’t need Tobasco for El Paso (hey that rhymes) & what is Tony’s Chachere’s?

(this post can be read at both who I know will miss me while I’m away *choke*spit*gag* and me newly re-designed and spectacular personal blog, Kiss My Gumbo)

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  1. (after I picked my jaw off the floor)

    Tony Chachere’s is the creole spice used in everything ever cooked in Louisiana and some parts of TX and MS.

    I add it to everything – meats & poultry, veggies, casseroles, SEAFOOD, starches… (you get the picture) It is a cooking staple for me.

    Go get a can in the spices and seasoning section of your local grocery and try it. Here’s the link. It’s amazing and addictive. I can’t imagine cooking without it.

    p.s. – I even found it at a store in Arizona recently.

  2. Greta,
    As soon as you get back, you’ve got to get some Tony Chachere’s. I bet you can even get it in El Paso (sometimes I see it here in TN)! It goes on everything and makes it all better!

  3. Well, thanks because I am a recipient of the Absolute and coffee!!! THANK YOU!!!! Hope our paths cross while your in town, sorry I missed the Fiesta!!! Love to my children…..

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