Fercryingoutloud – don’t make me call Worst Buy or speak to any of the game store drones anymore!!! UGH!!!! Just deliver the freaking Wii to my doorstep and I will quietly hand you a check for the face value of it plus a tip. Not double the price, not triple, just the $250 plus a tip. Someone out there must have an extra. Just think of my pooooor wittle children dreaming of elves making Wii consoles. The Hannukah Fairy will disappoint them too. Just think, they will be disappointed twice this holiday season and all because of a stupid video game that I would gladly do without! I may have to file suit with Nintendo for taking so much of my precious time up in search for the golden Wii. Why the heck do the kids want it anyways? I force them to go outside and lock the doors every day after school. They can only play it on the weekends and vacation. Ahhhh, the extra child in my family is the driving force behind this (hubby). Who the heck is he kidding…not this camper. I know that he wants it even more than the monsters. This is my family’s first Christmas in our new home, Mandeville, LA…all this mom wants is her bathroom completed and a stinkin Wii. You don’t want to read the headlines about a family in St. Tammany all receiving coal from the fat guy in the red suit do you?

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  1. Greta,
    My wife sent me to your blog about the WII. Here’s a tip since you live North of my location in Metairie. I hear there’s a place in Mississippi called, Cowboy Maloney’s (I think) they are kinda like A1 Appliance and they always have stock. I think there is one in Brookhavan. I’m not sure. Good luck.

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