Snoopy Dance Louisiana!!! I wasted 2 more hours of my precious life (6 total) today and it finally paid off. My insanity for the quest of the freaking Holy Grail Wii, was validated by the droves of other idiots in search of it as well. I was considering printing out a shirt that said “Got Wii?” to save the poor store people from having to even entertain a friendly conversation prior to me turning around and walking out the door. Now that I have scored the Wii and the Webkinz penguin…my pathetic life can now resume. One mom commented that we were one step away from being crack whores – I have to agree. Geesh – what parents will do for those ungrateful little buggers!

Just so you know, I waited over an hour at one Game Stop because I called the one I had just left and they got 6 and sold out in 2 seconds. This store hadn’t got their shipment yet – so I waited…and waited. The gaggle of us were all ready to molest the UPS or Fed Ex driver at lighting speed. Then a lady walked in and said she was returning a Wii because her kids wanted an XBox360. Well, I was first in line and cha-ching!!!!

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