Yep, we did our Hannukah, Perry style, tonight. I gave everyone a gift, cooked a nice dinner for the family, lit the menorah, read a couple of books about Chanukah, put up Christmas decorations and put up a few outdoor Christmas lights. My kids will certainly be in therapy some day and this will come back and kick me & hubby in the butt, somehow! For those of you that only know Hannukah as a holiday whose name is spelled different every time you see it, well it was always simple and special when I was a kid. I refuse to commercialize it, one little present the first night is all they are getting! It ain’t no Christmas competition!

Just today I was on the quest for Hannukah candles, 50% off at SteinMart, thank you very much. So I checked out at the register with my candles and other Hannukah junk (hey – it was on sale) and a Christmas tie for hubby. The cashier looked at me like…what the hell lady! Then she said she was confused. Welcome to my world I said. I told her we are a fun house and do it all! Bwahahaha!

Now let’s talk tacky!!!! If you have more than 3 objects on your lawn or any of those blow up things (I may let 1 go) – UGH!!! The kids think it is cute, but as one neighbor said…”In the morning, it looks like giant used condoms on their front lawn.” I do not want to have to change my greeting from “Merry Christmas” to “Tacky Christmas!” If someone calls you the Griswolds (everyone knows that house), there is one on every block, it isn’t a compliment!!!! Please don’t go all crazy after the holidays and buy the remaining inventory of tacky blow-up lawn ornaments on sale!!!

In the voice of Donkey from Shrek…In the morning, I’m making latkes (potato pancakes) with applesauce – yum!

BTW – I know absolutely zippo about Louisiana Christmas traditions. But I’m willing to learn. Throw a little more chaos into the Perry household, why the heck not?

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