* Greta’s Guide to Holiday Shopping” has been updated and please don’t forget to shop my ads! I must say it is a pretty cool guide and no – nobody paid me to put them on it.

* Tune in from 12:00- 1:00 today and listen to Andre Trevigne on 99.5 FM. I’ll be on air with Virginia Eckhold (we usually appear together and she is a hoot) & Adrian from Adrian’s Mixers (a dating service). You can listen live through your computer too! On the plate for possible discussion:
1. product_thumb.jpgPush gifts – what the heck???
2. Dating – sorry folks – clueless on this one – it has been 15 years and longer for Andre and Virginia (they are much much older than me- hehehe).

* Virtual Friday time wastersDecorate a house for Chritsmas , light the menorah & play Dreidel and do what you please with Santa (he does more stuff this year)!

* Going to eat at K-Paul’s for the first time on Saturday night

* new thing – all my posts from my personal blog http://kissmygumbo.com will automatically appear on http://blog.nola.com/gumbo