I have never seen a public official as invisible as Mayor Ray Nagin. I have a cat that hides 99% of her life and she is more visible than him. Not talking politics here, just about doing what is expected for YOUR JOB!!! I had my Okie Indian (we are not PC here) pal photoshop this for me…enjoy for a little Saturday humor! Maybe this will erase the Willie Wonka photoshop that is forever embedded in our brains! Maybe we need a LOLLA.

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3 Replies to “Where’s Nagin?”

  1. Two things.
    1) You have the link wrong. You have it “nola.com.gumbo”.
    2) Racist. It’s “Native American” and Okie is a derogatory term. Don’t you know you have to be sensitive to everyone in today’s world?

    Merry Christmas

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