Not really – but what a headline – huh??? The scary thing is…the same psycho moms who would have sold a body part for a Wii (I only stooped to the level of considering flashing my post child breastesess to the UPS dude- doubt that would have worked) are now considering this tactic after reading this.

“No officer, I did not tell Mrs. Jones to trade her left kidney so that her super sweet-sixteen wannabe brat could see her favorite pop-icon in concert. It was tongue and cheek, sir. Remember officer, this mom is from the generation of mothers that paid $2,000 on E-Bay for that ridiculous Tickle Me Elmo and trampled other women for an ugly Cabbage Gourd Doll. I truly did not mean to feed their insanity and psychotic thoughts. I am innocent.”

Confession time – I like the TV show-Hannah Montana. I watch it with my kids between Sponge Bob episodes (I know – grow up Greta). Never a fan of the Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray who?), I have to admit I don’t dislike Mylie Cyrus’s music. Her songs are actually as infectious as my blogging (interpret as you wish) and are G-rated (and she wears panties in public). I volunteered to live blog this event for in exchange for tix. Heck, I’ll live blog almost any event for the right price. OMG – I’m becoming a “live blog ho!”

Small dilemma, concert at 4:00, The Original Krewe of Oprheus Ball at 7:00 (already shelled out $200 for tix and still need to buy a gown size 6 or 8…anyone Beuhler). Should I disappoint “Princess Whinalot?” Will my 7 yo survive if she can’t see her bubble gum pop idol for 2 hours? Heck – what are 7 year olds doing at concerts anyways? I was 12 before I inhaled at the Foreigner 4/Billy Squire concert and got a cigarette by some passer by burned into my right thigh (there was a memory I wish disappeared with my concussion). Then again, my brother-in-law has a memory he wishes he could erase. He once made the ultimate sacrifice and took my niece and her friends to the Spice Girls concert. The only payoff he got from attending that, is years of hearing Spice Girls jokes from me and everyone else who knows him. Gotta run and buy Spice Girl reunion tickets for a mean Christmas present prank (what he really wants – sing that). And while I’m doing that, I have a crusty old ovary waiting to be removed (more about that tomorrow) that I may put on E-bay for Hannah Montana tickets.

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  1. So…I got my Hannah Montana tickets by doing a radio station scavenger hunt and spent all morning…no joke…running around downtown Detroit looking for a red stocking in a pine tree near a pile of sand and a yellow-and-green dumpster, just because my cousin cried over them two days before. I am an idiot. Just…an idiot. But I’m willing to be an idiot if the person on stage isn’t dry-humping musical instruments…

    Now, of course, I’ll take the other tickets that you don’t choose off your hands to make your decision a little easier!

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