Correction – our waitress’s name was Nikki (not Vikki) like my husband wrote down. Sorry girl!

I learned something new today – Dom DeLuise is not the same person as as Chef Paul. Still the NKODB (new kid on the block) patient with me!
(Denise & Gasper Chifici left me & hubby right)
The Princess of Positive (yours truly) has never been one to get wild about food. I more enjoy the act of going out to a restaurant and taking in the whole dining experience (and not having to cook or clean up – remember, I have a cooking disability). Well, the stars must have aligned perfectly tonight because: I felt better than I had in a week (stupid ovaries), our dining experience was phenomenal, Denise & Gasper were a blast to hang out with, and I officially fell in love with New Orleans cuisine!!! K-Paul’s exceeded all my expectations and reaffirmed my love for my new home and the French Quarter. Not only is this the best food on earth, but New Orleans is as unique as my fingerprint. Our waitress Vicki was 5 star. Hey – I’m from the Boston area where people pay to get insulted while they dine (I always wanted that job). Not that I didn’t grow up with great food – nothing gets me more excited than Quincy Market…until now. It ain’t every day you go out to eat and a 3 piece band marches in the doors and heads to the kitchen while the staff plays on the pots and pans and sings (it may happen every night at K-Paul’s, but is new & exciting to this camper).

So let’s talk food…the basket of bread, a salad and a couple of White Russians would have been my normal fare. But, I was feeling daring tonight. I usually only order appetizers for an entree but I just had to try the Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Chipotle Remoulade. I had the Broiled Grouper with Shrimp Wild Diana for my main course. I did pretty good for me and ate most my food (like a big girl). The table ordered a desert for all to share. I knew a spoonful of it would put me over the edge. However, the table behind us ordered the most delicious looking coconut cake. I put the cup of the dessert we ordered next to the cake. Maybe next time I will just skip the whole “real food” experience and do a dessert sampling. Drool. img_2536.JPG

Chef Paul was not there tonight (I guess he usually is) and I hope he enjoys what I wrote and we meet the next time we head to K-Paul’s. Because…there will be a next time!

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  1. Hey, we made the blog! Sometimes that’s not a good thing, but it was good this time! We totally agree on the food and the atmosphere – both terrific, and left us wanting more – although we couldn’t eat another bite. We’ve been telling everyone about it while drooling as we recall the sauces – it’s almost embarrassing. We’ll go back for any excuse we can think of.

  2. just and fyi….your waitress at KPauls was Nikki. She’d never let you know it so I thought I would.

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