This blog was born on January 28, 2007, just one week after we pulled into our new home. Hubby bought the house while me and the kiddos were iced in the winter wonderland of Oklahoma. School was canceled the week prior to our move because of the weather, we started school in Mandevile and after just 2 weeks had Mardi Gras vacation. What a way to sell the kids – no school, parades, parties and beignets! He done good – big pat on the back (I bought the house before this one and he hadn’t seen it). I drove directly from Oklahoma (did not pass go did not collect $500) by myself with 3 kids, 5 drugged cats, 1 litter box, lots of movies and caffeine and 1 drugged dog in my car. We were iced in (deja’ vu all over again with OK weather) until the day of our departure and were thrilled to be heading South to begin a new chapter in our post-military retirement life.

Kiss My Gumbo has had 438 posts as of today, 571 comments with 140 categories. Dang. Kiss My Gumbo on has had 284 posts since April 2nd with 253 comments. Don’t even try and do the math and figure out how much time that required me to be on the puter! No regrets at all this past year, it has been a year to plant roots and branch out in our new community. The Perry family has fit in quite nicely if I might say so myself.

Still seeking world domination with my tiara and cape, I have completely no idea what will come to the Princess of Positive (moi’) and her family in 2008. Life is unpredictable – both good and bad – but one can only control what that they truly have power over and can’t fret over the small stuff and the stuff out of our control (I either sound really smart saying that or really dumb- you decide).

Spending so much time making my mark from my MacBook, at this time I would like to ask something from you, the readers (both new and old and those who wonder how they heck they ended up wasting 5 minutes of their life reading what some stupid 39 yo mom in Mandeville, LA writes). I would like to know what posts (that is columns for you who have not yet crossed into the world of blogging jargon) stood out in your brain this past year. You know, the one you referenced in a conversation or even spammed your friends with because it sparked something in your little brain. Or even better, the one you read and put away in your brain’s database until you saw something about it in the news or heard someone speaking about it in casual conversation and then recalled the “post.”

3 Replies to “Kiss My Gumbo 2007 year in review & 2008”

  1. Let’s see. I would guestimate that your time on the blog almost equates to the amount of time searching for the Wii. Heehee.

    Having not been a reader but for a few months, I would say my favorite post was the letter you sent to the St. Tammany Parish President. Speaking of which, did you ever get any kind of reply? I’ll reserve my “lazy good for nothing remarks” for him until you tell me you got nada.

    I always enjoy the clever ways you tell stories and of course all the positive messages. needs to adopt you and PAY YOU next year!!! (are you listening Times-Picayune???)

  2. Of course, it was the one where you endorsed our dry cleaning business! We’ve lived in Louisiana for eight years, and having worked mostly 12-hour days, we haven’t gotten around much, so I really enjoy learning about this area through your experiences. Your honesty, straightforwardness and humor are like a breath of fresh air to me! You’re awesome!

    Have a wonder-filled day!

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