My name is Greta. “Hi Greta.” I turn 40 on March 16th and it has been 1 week since I last touched King Cake or beer.

Hehehe – feeling silly at 2 AM. I missed the memo that most hysterectomy post-op patients also get INSOMNIA!!! Note to self, call for Ambien tomorrow. Too bad my hamster is still running, well, maybe good for you as I once again give you another post filled with my warped sense of humor.

January 20th is my one year anniversary of living in Louisiana and January 29th is the Blogiversary (real word) of Kiss My Gumbo. I have left a little footprint on my new and forever home (we ain’t leaving) in this short time. Now I plan on leaving some monster prints in 2008 (as soon as my innerds heal). So… I started thinking about what to do for my 40th. Love love love my hubby (and I may not be giving him enough credit), but event planning just ain’t his thing. So I started kicking a few ideas with hubby and my pal Stephanie. Then I e-mailed my friend Frank Stansbury (who is the event planner for Glazer’s) about helping me pull off some fabulous Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser that would also fall on my 40th birthday (a la Super Snotty Sweet 16 – NOT). That way it could become an annual event and while celebrating another year of life and do something great for my favorite cause. Bring in all my local radio station friends that have been big supporters of Soldiers’ Angels (Andre’ Trevigne, Eric Asher, Jim Brown, Jeff Crouere), some new and wonderful friends we have made over the past year, my nutty pals, maybe the Inside Northside gang, some from hubby’s work (yes Gasper and Denise – that means you) and have some fun!

Screeching breaks sound inserted here…Frank (all knower of every event in the world) says: “But Greta that is the day of Chef’s Soiree and Metairie Road St Patrick’s Day Parade.” Me: “Well Frank, I can’t help the day I was born.” Frank: “And the day before is the New Orlean’s Festival for owners of animals under 5 pounds and the day after is St. Patrick’s Day and the Festival for anyone that knows an Irish person and ever ate cabbage (making crud up at this point).” You get where this is going…. Until Frank can even pinpoint a date where the entire State of Louisiana doesn’t have some major event, new events can not go on!!!

I will not despair, the seed is planted and something, anything will happen. And, bygosh, I will turn 40 on March 16th and there will be some major fundraising event for Soldiers’ Angels (sometime this year). And if you want to know how you can support the troops and earn your “Good Doobie” award, well dangit – why aren’t you stopping over and adopting a soldier, or helping me spread the Soldiers’ Angels love, helping me do Angel PR in the state…or better yet, helping Frank decide which day is good for the rest of you?!

I will now down a few benadryl in hopes of a little shut-eye! If you are reading this at the fabulous, please stop over to my personal blog and check out the lagniappe. And as always, you can always contact me at After all – I have one more week until I can drive! Nite all!

4 Replies to “Planning my 40th”

  1. More Ambien, please. There is an award for you at my site but I haven’t introduced you properly yet – so I don’t even know if you’re into awards, or if you’ve already received this one – which wouldn’t surprise me – but give me a day to say a little summtn, because I’m bound to go to sleep at some point and would like to be lucid when I say it.

    I want King cake.

  2. I should have warned you about no sleep. I was walking the halls two nights after my surgery and ran into the doctor and he gave me something and sent me to bed. An hour later I was back up and he gave me something else. Nothing seemed to work for me. Nothing I took helped me sleep for about the first month. I was never tired, just could not sleep.

    Wish I knew something to tell you. Maybe something will work for you.

  3. I was writing you when you were writing me last night . You can come get your award at my site now. Now that I’m awake, and should be going to sleep. I hope you can sleep.

    My medical protocol has now disallowed beer, but I’m serious about the King Cake. Or King Cake mix I know they sell at the Cafe du Monde gift store, so probably other places. (I have the baby already.) But I know you’re not moving around a lot so I don’t go to any effort about it, but if whenever it wouldn’t be a big deal, I’d pay you back!

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