x1pphu2k6hcg6ogs6tiw9z8vt5xxr6lffqf5w7-3qyll0zshovu0q2n_cxuktdyazny1d3npvzwj34akyx4z2lgi9wbz6cz0x2o7tnh_wc9zu4vskwyjcp5q.jpg I won something and it means more to me than most awards we circulate in the world of blogging. It was given to me by an e-friend who owns the blog Conversations in Time. She has an amazing story, life and is truly a good soul. She is a 41 year old heterosexual woman who was infected with HIV by a boyfriend when she was 18. She was born and raised in New Orleans, but due to the quality of medical care in San Francisco, she chooses to live there . Believe me, if we offered even close to what SF offered, she’d be right back here. Anyways, honored to accept the award – really!!!


So, first of all, I would like to award Greta Perry who extends more energy I knew it was possible for one person to have, in many ways including active support of economic recovery in the New Orleans area in the ways she can; running the Louisiana Chapter of Soldiers’ Angels (a national organization which matches volunteers with individual soldiers who the volunteers send weekly letters and monthly care packages to; sharing care with her family including her husband who is a veteran from Iraq; She is now recovering from a difficult surgical procedure, and authoring three passionately outspoken blogs, my favorite – in the spirit of a bright pink, shamelessly roaring lion award: Kiss My Gumbo.

Gosh – I break almost 99.9% of these things that in turn you are supposed to go out and give to 3 people. We’ll see about this one!

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