*** hung.jpgGo ahead and register for an e-mail reminder that American Idol is being live-blogged tonight by myself either on NOLA.com or Kiss My Gumbo. Joining me hosting this event will be Blue Star Chronicles Beth and Carol from The Median Sib. It is like a chat room but better. We promise to keep it G/PG rated as my kids are into downloading all kind of stuff for the event. Just show up for even a few and say hi. Warning: empty your bladder first!
*** Ready for Jindal – If you are net news geek – seems the rest of the world was waiting to do business with us until Jindal took office. Please don’t blow it for us legislators. “GIVE JINDAL A CHANCE!!!” We should all be positive about this change – negative people may exit East, West or North!
***I love spray painting stuff – just saying!
*** I waaaaaaay over-did it yesterday, but my house is clean:)
***Bombay Company is REALLY going out of business.
***My parent arrive Thursday from Boston. They are escaping the newest Noreaster and my dad has decided to plant it here the rest of the winter…if not longer. Who needs the ice and snow, when you can have Louisiana weather.
****Do you have King Cake butt yet???

4 Replies to “Tuesday Jambalaya”

  1. OK, how does this whole live-blogging thing going to work? A bunch of Cotillion members are live-blogging it, right? Do I just pop on over to everyone’s individual blogs and and comment?

  2. I know this is a sin, but I have not had one single piece of king cake yet. I refuse to buy a whole one for my family. Not a one of us needs it! I was eyeballing them at Wal-Mart but knew that was not the one to buy if I was going to splurge. I keep avoiding Nonna’s just for that reason! So no king cake butt here yet. My butt is bad enough without KC! Happy Mardi Gras Ya’ll!

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