…your 7 year old (Princess Whinalot) gets beamed in the head with a throw! img_2699.JPG I won’t get all negative about it (I am The Princess of Positive), but common sense tells you – a desk calendar thrown from a 2 story float will undoubtedly contribute to some girl drama and tears. Eh…she got over it quick and started “getting her parade on” right away: be alert, look cute, smile, and yelling, “Throw me something Mistah or lady.”

Today, I took my daughter and my Mom (football for the boys) to the Perseus parade in Slidell. Heading East on 190 from Mandeville, it was a straight shot to park ourselves on a curb on a sunny but brisk day and give “Grandma” a little taste of Mardi Gras before we ship her back to Boston (dad will be here all season). We had a blast and came away with 2 rolling suitcases full of junk, throws for Oprheus treasures. I think my mom is sorry she is leaving during Mardi Gras now.

As usual, I refuse to be negative, but might suggest they get the timing a tiny bit better for next year (clog after clog). They had 14 floats and though it didn’t seem like we were getting showered with throws at the time, the proof is in the suitcases. A little Mardi Gras music for you and pictures.
img_2695.JPG img_2689.JPGimg_2690.JPG
FYI – my dear friend E.M. sent me a copy of this project she tackled with her beads from the last Mardi Gras – way cool!

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  1. OK. Come over. Come over.

    I’m sorry you got hit in the head, but I’m really happy that your Mom got a taste of the real thing.

    Sorry it took me so long. How do you do so much.

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