images.jpgimages-11.jpgWhat were the chances that Bacchus and the Superbowl would end up at the same time (please don’t make me research this to see if it ever happened before)? While the Patriots were playing this weekend, my husband informed me we were invited to the Bacchus Ball with his company. I am still recovering from my surgery, so I really was not that anxious to go. But now that I got my ball gown for Oprheus this coming weekend, I was game! He also informed me that we would only go if the Patriots lost! UGH!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be happy to cheer the Patriots on with hubby, my dad and my boys, but a girl likes to dress up once or twice a year.

Looks like my whole fam damily will be sitting in the living room on Superbowl Sunday while I wear my ball gown and tiara. Yep, the Princess of Positive will be serving chicken wings and chips and salsa in my beautiful new gown. I know I won;t be the only one in this situation, because many New Orleaneans will be staying home to cheer on their hometown hero, Eli Manning. My suggestion to the Krewe of Bacchus, call me if you can provide Superbowl coverage during the ball so I don’t have to miss out on it this year!

BTW – live blogging American Idol again!

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3 Replies to “Watching the Superbowl in my ball gown”

  1. It happened in 2005. Bacchus Superbowl Sunday. The Marriott and Sheraton on Canal broadcast the games during the parade. I’m sure they will again this year.

  2. I can’t even remember what it’s like to have reason to be girlie enough to wear a ball gown. I hope you get to go, but I hope you’re not over-doing things during your recovery. The Princess of Positive has to heed to the temporary negative occasionally for the happy long run.

    I left you a long response to your comment at the end of my comment responses comment, about the Jesus part of the King Cake tradition. I didn’t know whether to leave it here or there, but I hope you find it.

    Thank you again and again!

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