* Empty bladder before reading “alert.” Find out everything you wanted to know about Mardi Gras but were afraid to ask about Mardi Gras (read the answers – LOL)

* Took dad to Louisiana Grill in Mandeville for lunch today. They were a local establishment before Katrina and after the storm focused on catering and remodeling. They have been open for about 4 months for lunch and just over the past week for dinner. What can I say, but I was floored. The outside of the structure is no reflection of the inside. The atmosphere was simply amazing. The colors, the floor, the seats, the bar, the courtyard! Dang – my dream living room in a restaurant!

I had the grilled tuna sandwich with a cheese rice and my dad had the butternut squash soup and house salad. Price for lunch for the 2 of us including drinks and before tip $24. Not a place I could afford every day, but if I could I think I would! In the words of Arnold…I’ll be back! What a cool place! Tell them Greta sent you!

* American Idol – I have been live blogging it but took the night off last night and joined other friends doing the same thing. Should be back to live blogging again next week. Watch for alerts the day of Idol!

* I love Project Runway! Christian annoys me.

* Love spoof movies – Beat the Spartans looks great! Cool website too! Anyone with a Carmen Electra fantasy – click here!

* Sending a King Cake and some beads can really bring a smile to a former New Orleanean! They fit perfectly in the post office flat rate boxes!

* All Presidential candidates should have to go on “The Moment of Truth.” Oh, and please let’s add Louisiana politicians.

* Kiss My Gumbo, my personal blog has lots of lagniappe on it – come visit (if you are reading this on NOLA.com)

2 Replies to “Thursday Jambalaya”

  1. Good news on LA Grill. Wasn’t a big fan of the interior pre- Katrina. Haven’t been back since. Only item I really remember on their menu was the Crawfish Cheese Bread. It was super yummy! Other than that i was never overly impressed. Will try it again now!

  2. Well, I didn’t watch Project Runway last night–I just can’t stand Christian. He’s ruined that show for me!

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