The Princess of Positive is here to tell you a little bit about construction in Mandeville. You know how much I love my new home (just celebrated my 1 year anniversary here and my 1 year Blogiversary too). But someone has got to talk about it and it might as well be me. Now you all know by now that I ain’t one for complaining, that isn’t the purpose of this post. The purpose is: 1. to dazzle you with my silly sense of humor and writing 2. to figure out if anyone has a stinkin plan in Mandeville and 3. to figure out a way to help the small businesses that have been sucking wind due to the intensity of construction.

Just the other day (lala lala lalala) I left my house to head down the street for this or that and “POW” it was like hitting a dang wall in a video game. “ROAD CLOSED” sign around the corner – no warning at all. Well, we have 2 entrances soooo (screeching car sound inserted), I backed up and headed out the other entrance. “STOP” there is a huge cement truck backing up and a dude telling me to just hang tight. Ms Pac Man didn’t have so many dang obstacles as I have leaving my street right now.

IMHO (in my honest opinion), the streets in Mandeville right now look similar to when my son and his 2 pals come over and they dump Legos all over the playroom in order to build something big. Eventually they will have a huge structure done, but in the meantime it looks like Lego Land threw up in my house. Mandeville right now resembles Lego vomit mixed with a little mud, cones, workers in the road, and trucks. Let’s just say that to the average mom trying to get to the grocery store or Walgreens, it seems like nobody had a plan at all. I’m not knocking whoever is in charge (well I kind of am), but has anyone ever heard of the word “PHASES?” Finish one area then move on to the next. Don’t just tear it up all at once and litter the road with cones. Let’s not even talk about the ever hazardous ditches all over Florida Street. One little miscalculation and you’ll be calling the Gecko for an appraisal. I even spoke to a bus driver who mentioned he takes down at least 2 cones a day by accident. It is almost possible not to do so with a big yellow bus! So what is the plan folks? Someone inform me please before my head explodes and makes a mess all over my keyboard.

Now let’s talk about small businesses… Yours truly needed to get a pedicure & manicure for the ball this weekend. I rarely treat myself to them, but who wants to look at funky toes? Then again, who the heck will really notice under a full-length gown while downing a 6 pack? On to the story (sorry – got sidetracked). I shot over to US Nails which is in spitting distance from my house. Walk over? No freaking way – I’d be knee deep in mud and risking my life. I’ve been going there for the past year and though I don’t go often “enough,” it is a great place, reasonably priced and the owners Thu & Tran (a married couple) are hysterical. Since past September….this is what they have been dealing with (see pictures below and click on them to make them bigger).
What can I say, but if I hadn’t been there before, I wouldn’t have braved the big ditch to get there. It was steep and very hazardous and the entrance is placed haphazardly and moves from week to week. I’m no expert on city politics (I know nothing), but I do know common sense. If Mandeville’s construction “plan” is going to hurt a small business like US Nails or Sake Garden (or any other small business), there needs to be some type of city grant (plan) or something to help them along. It is hard enough to stay in business and these folks have been here at least 12 years. So somebody in Mandeville, please step up and tell me how to solve this for the sake of everyone busting their behinds to make a living in this fabulous area!

As for the construction – finish it up will ya already?
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  1. As a Central Florida resident I feel your pain. After our “adventures with hurricanes” in 2004 we went through the same thing. Between hurricane recovery and massive population growth, constant construction is the name of the game here. I can imagine that in your area it’s the same story. Recovery takes a long, long, long, long time. Add new residents to the mix and things can get, um, interesting. It’s years later here and we still have occasional power/water outages as they tweak the system.

    You just have to learn to roll with the punches!

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