I have to admit it, I am a sucker for animals. I have waited all year to attend Barkus again. It takes place at Sunday at 2:00. Unfortunately, Chulo the Stupor Dog won’t be able to attend (they only allow dogs that aren’t psychotic).img_2663.JPG
(this picture screams for a caption – hint)

If you want to meet up with us, we’ll be close to the start at Armstrong Park (less walking for dad). Let’s go catch some rubber dog poop and dog bones y’all!

barkus0872.jpg I WANT THIS POSTER!!!

(this post can be enjoyed at NOLA.com and my personal blog – come visit). Off to the Oprheus Ball tonight. Pictures later!

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  1. Poor Chulo! He gets so picked on by everyone. He needs a diet before next year. Perhaps he could try doggie training again. Will the last trainer send references for him after he bit her. It was just because she kept him away from his home and family. He is a loveable pooch. Think he is the only dog your dad has ever taken to. He loves Chulo! There is hope for him to be in the parade. Have to start planning what he will wear. Diet first for him.

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