img_2730.JPG (click all pictures to make bigger) I have been going to military balls for the past 15 years and understand all the intricacies, traditions and formalities that are unique to them (party shirt, punch ceremonies, loading your purse with things before you go so you can win stuff etc…). This Mardi Gras ball thing is still completely foreign to me. I will explain the best I can to you about what takes place at a ball. I know I don’t understand the hierarchy of the Krewe in the least bit nor do I understand the royalty (big L on forehead). So I guess you can consider anything I write as pure observation from a newbie.

someone says: “HAIL ORPHEUS!” you reply: “HAIL YES”

Last night I attended my second Mardi Gras Ball. We went to the Bacchus Ball last year and after watching the parade go by us in the Civic Center, we ate, drank, danced and went home. If there was other stuff going on- clueless. Last night we went to the Original Krewe of Oprheus Coronation Ball in Mandeville. My hubby is riding in the parade this year for the first time. Kevin Flockton, the President of Orpheus, also happens to be our neighbor and is a Masshole like us. He thought is was “wicked” cool to invite hubby to ride as soon as he saw him jog past his house in a Patriots shirt. (this is a picture of me and Kevin).img_2735.JPG
* we arrived at the Castine Center at about 7:15 (start time was 7:00 – fashionably late)
* hubby unloaded the cooler of liquor and bottled beer from our car and carried it in while in his tux (that feels & looks strange to me)
* there was a full band outside to greet us in playing typical Louisiana style music
* we immediately figured the James Bond theme as guys were taking pictures with a gold painted lady in the lobby
* we ran into hubby’s float Lieutenant, John, and he kindly escorted us to our table
* everyone puts their alcohol on the table for all to share and mixers and ice were provided
* there was a buffet line and we quickly hit it. There was mixed vegetables, bow tie pasta with shrimp, crawfish and green onion wrapped en papillote (called a crawfish sack), gumbo, meat and bread. Everything was absolutely delicious.
* the band was playing as we were eating and they were great (I’ll find out the name later)
* bottle rockets were shot inside the Castine Center as the coronation ball began. The James Bond theme was in full gear including a live fan dancer behind a screen and lots of hot Bond girls escorting the men (GRRRRR)
* now for the pomp and circumstance
* the VIP’s (no clue on the positions – sorry) marched up and down the aisles past the King’s table – they threw out beads
* the maids marched through (this is totally foreign to me) with their dad’s escorting them (they all were college age I think)
* then the former King (with the Queen at his side- a college freshmen) welcomed the new King and his Queen
* Lots of fanfare and then dancing and partying
* I could have spent the whole night in the lady’s room observing, studying and getting tons of material to write (don’t worry – I didn’t)
* all I could think of is that in 12 years, I could see my daughter in one of those white dresses and of course, wearing a sparkly tiara.
* I have a feeling we will stick with this Krewe forever – hubby is hooked!
This is a picture of the new King marching in and you can see the maids on the stage in white
Sorry (don;t be mad at me), but I kept having visions of Max from “Where the Wild things are” in my head all night (maybe Sendak got his illustration inspiration from the Mardi Gras King)?
Kevin’s darling daughter Katie and her handsome boyfriend (she was royalty once and you can’t do it again)

7 Replies to “Original Krewe of Orpheus Ball virgin observations”

  1. Ack! TOO FUN! You & the Prince of Positive look spectacular, too! 😀
    (Not that I’m surprised, dahling!)
    Thanks for the play-by-play and the peek inside!

  2. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Like everyone else has said, You. Look. Gorgeous! Your husband looks dashing and the whole thing looks like a blast!

    I hope your innards are healing up and you didn’t set yourself back TOO far with this night of fun!

  3. HAIL Where the Wild Things are!

    Your gown is gorgeous. That’s your handsome hubby?

    Glad you’re there, and letting others here know about all the goings on.

  4. Greta, you look just beautiful & radiant, & Brett looks so handsome. So glad you went to that ball. Sounds like you both had a great time. Wish I had been there to see you both & of course take more pictures. What a gorgeous couple you make. So proud of you both!!

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