img_2779.JPGWell, not exactly, but I liked the title and I’m sticking with it! We attended the Krewe of Eve (the women’s parade) parade in Mandeville last night. How many “throws” can one family accumulate over a month? Well, a ton, and very little of it is edible (like a fruitcake). We brought two rolling suitcases last night and they were overflowing when we left! You know the joke about there only being one fruitcake in the world that gets recycled? Well, now I know that tons of stuff during Mardi Gras should or could be recycled. I’m on my second season here and I already have a special place in the attic for beads.

These ladies had the greatest costumes and throws (boas, tiaras, wands, light up stuff, purses stuffed animals, dressed up rubber chickens (the only thing I wanted and didn’t get- if I got one what would I do with it anyways?), stuffed animals, moon pies and of course….some really cool beads! The kids shamed hubby so that he would feel obligated to buy more stuff for Orpheus on Friday night. Of course my kids know already, if it ain’t tied down or edible, it is game for an Orpheus throw (LOL). Don’t worry – he won’t take their Webkinz!

Have you ever been the recipient of a “Where’s George” dollar bill (I have) or know anything about the website? I think we could do the same with beads. In “Wheres’ George”, they stamp the website on the bill and if it comes in your possession, you go to the site and tell where you got it. It is kind of cool to see how money passes around the United States. Maybe we could do that with beads. Like a message in a bottle, tie a message on to teach throw and then attach a note that says, when you receive this bead, write where you got it and recycle it with a rider in another parade. Chances are, all beads end up in someone’s attic – LOL!
img_2769.JPGimg_2778.JPGMy dad “Sherm” was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and mostly because he had my kids next to him with their “parade on” screaming at the top of their lungs! A wonderful lady gave my dad the biggest beads ever and he was thrilled and I think hooked on the whole concept of Mardi Gras. Of course, he said, no more parades for him after Barkus and now Eve. He was parade cooked – put a fork in him – he is done!

We don’t need another bead in this house!. Still as soon as a float goes by, everyone in the Perry family has their hands in the air yelling for beads. WTHeck??? We don’t need no more stinkin beads!!!!!

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  1. My hubby, your dad, looks like he is having a super time. Want those huge beads. Not sure what I will do with them. Perhaps should have beads as window dressings. That should look different up here in MA. Right now never put up more drapes after you took them down couple yrs ago in helping me to organize.. Takes me awhile to get to things. Hmmm!
    Will be taking some beads to the recreation lady at the VA to see if she can use some beads with the guys. Not sure it is going to work as a good idea. Some will wear them, but there may be others who take them apart. Will give some to your Papa to jazz up his room at the VA. Good photo!
    Love you,

  2. “Why are you going to Madi Gras parades, raising children, living happily, and socializing with other human beings when the Savior of America, Ron Paul, is being denied his rightful place in the electoral process – that is, the front-runner? We all know that everyone, if they were free from the comsumerist mind-control beamed out of Playstations, Wii machines, and electric toothbrushes by Halliburton and Karl Rove, would be voting for Ron Paul. That is why every election he does not win is proof that he REALLY WON! Who is John Galt? Well today, Miss Princiss of Positive, that man is Ron Paul. He has all the answers. All of them. Any true American knows that.”

    Just kidding, Greta. On Mardi Gras Day I’ll be wearing a “costume” all day while online, and this year I will be dressed up as a Ron Paul supporter. So, is it convincing?

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