* img_2767.JPGLast night we went to a farewell party for the Saint’s Special Team’s Coordinator, Coach John Bonamego. He is heading to the Dolphins this week for better opportunities. Yes, they play the Saints in pre-season and the Patriots twice next season (sorry John – we will be rooting against your new team). If you have been following my blog, you’ll realize John and I worked with the same football team (me as an undergrad athletic trainer and he as a Graduate Assistant at U Maine in 1989). We even have matching Yankee Conference championship rings (I broke mine out for the party).
img_2768.JPGThis picture is of John and his wonderful wife Paulette.

This is where you, the readers leave comments to him and wish him well on his new journey!!!!! And if you don’t have anything nice to say, move along..go on…. The Princess of Positive means it!

* Barkus was a blast and yippee – hubby bought me the poster I wanted for my upcoming birthday! Love Matt Rinard’s work! The sun was shining on the parade and all the pups were so well behaved! My poor psychotic dog was froced to stay home while we watched other cute dogs. My dad thought it was great and he couldn’t believe how much stuff we walked away with. Lots of rubber dog poop, beads, dog toys, dog biscuits and rubber snakes (Indiana Bones theme). We headed to Armstrong Park afterwards and enjoyed the music and festivities for a bit. What a fabulous time everyone had! We have decided to build a big pot of Gumbo and place Chulo in it for next year. We laughed at the people dresses as chefs who had their dog in a pot and dressed as a crawfish. img_2741.JPGimg_2765.JPGimg_2763.JPGimg_2754.JPG

* We saw the newly relocated homeless, under I-10 on the way home. Sorry, but the “Homeless Pride” banner made me LMAO (laugh my #%^ off). Gotta admit there were some pretty nice tents there too. I wish all of them the best and hope they are striving to get out of their current situation.

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