If nothing else – you gotta give me an A++ for the title of this post.

When Super Tuesday collides with Fat Tuesday, even this political nut puts politics in the backseat. Besides, Louisiana has as much control over the outcome of Super Tuesday as I did by yelling at the Patriots during Superbowl Sunday on my TV (GRRRR).

img_2818.JPGJust yesterday, I was listening to my pal Andre’ Trevigne on the radio. She was talking about Mardi Gras traditions and asking people to call in and tell her about theirs. This vagabond family has an empty slate for local traditions… but don’t worry, we will build them in time (so no – I didn’t call in). Last year we skipped Fat Tuesday parades in New Orleans so this was a first for me and the boys. Hubby had no desire to go today and was trying to talk me out of going – no freaking way was I missing ZULU again! I WANTED A COCONUT!!! So another Greta adventure begins!
I set the alarm for 6 AM and woke #1 son up by surprise. “Get your butt up, we are heading to ZULU.” After a little more snoring, he got his butt up. Just as I was leaving the house, son #2 got up and said he was coming too. So here goes our day:

* Causeway fog – so long commute over done by caravan – about 45 minute drive – oh well.
* I mapped out my plan for getting to the spot I wanted and it involved getting off on Poydras
* D’OH!!! we tried to get off at Poydras – road block – try again Greta
* got off at Tulane – looped around, followed some cars and ended up in a parking garage where I figured I could get away paying less then $30 ($25)
* we walked out of the garage and struck gold – we were on the parade route
* M’am, can we sit there? Nope. Sir, any room for us? Sorry. I swear people must camp out overnight and rope off their area. There was nothing left for those of us who arrived 2 hours early!!!
* Plan B – the grandstands. What – I need tickets? Well, where do I get them? Ticketmaster? Dang – plan C
* walk and walk and walk and find a spot – nope
* I asked about 10 people where to stand and got a bunch of head shakes
* finally I asked an usher and he pointed to a blockade across the street
* I asked Sheriff K.Polk (nice lady) if I could stand in there – she went and asked for permission and we got the nod
* we waited from 8-10 (yes – 2 whole hours) in this spot
* we enjoyed people watching as that is half the fun of Mardi Gras
* then we were told we could not stand there because it was only for Sheriff’s families – dang!
* a couple more Sheriff’s came over and I pleaded my case and mentioned I do write for NOLA.com and me and the boys won’t cause any trouble. They had us go speak to someone and we got the nod to return back to the spot. Dang – when is NOLA.com going to get The Princess of Positive a freaking Press Pass???
* Back to the spot and met a guy behind us, a soldier named Robert – great guy – I have a friend for him (Angela)
* the family next to us was very nice too
* about 10:30 the parade started and it was stop-go the whole time but just amazing!
* the costumes were cool and the dancing and music fantabulous
* throws for the ZULU parade aren’t random throws to cute kids
* this is truly a neighborhood/community parade – you mostly got throws if you knew someone throwing or working outside the barriers.
* son #2 was coconut crazy (coconuts are the prized throw from this parade – but they hand them out) he had to have them and somehow by a miracle – he ended up with 4 img_2824.JPG
* about 1:00 the parade was ending and Rex trailing behind in the distance. The kids were ready to go by then (there wasn’t any food around us).
* we had a great time but I think next year we will try some Metairie parades or go later and see Rex.

As for Super Tuesday – WILD!

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  1. The Metairie parades were awesome, Greta! Yours truly, Chuck, and his 10 brothers and sisters and mom(and all applicable family) end up there every year and have a ball. This year, we all dressed up as we pleased (no theme) since alot was going on in the family this past year. Got tons of stuff since I wore my little black wings and a cute outfit. Also got myself a killer sunburn (did you hear that MA . . . . a sunburn in February)!
    See ya soon – D

  2. Thanks for coming by to chat last night. It’s always fun.

    Where can I go buy some of that energy you have?

    I haven’t talked to my son today, but as of last night he had only gashed his head somehow. But didn’t need stitches! Good grief. God help me through these years.

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