pepe-le-pew-with-le-mew-1.jpg The smell of love is in the air at Kiss My Gumbo (Bogalusa has a stinky paper mill I sometimes smell). As many of you know, I am a very happily married woman for 13 years (together almost 16). Well, I figure I have a lot to be grateful for, even though hubby ruined my plans for marrying an old rich guy with a very bad cough. Hey, I lived in Florida when I met him, the odds were good for finding that guy. Oh well, so I married a soldier (retired now) who is honorable, faithful, goofy, fun, healthy as a horse and HOT AS HECK (he is either blushing at his cubicle or getting ribbed by co-workers who read KMG – giggle snort). I want to use my blog for something good. Love is in the air and The Princess of Positive wants to spread some love dust over the greater New Orleans area and Louisiana. If you are out of state-you must be willing to come here for a date, this can’t be no Russian mail order bride service!

Dear readers, send me a description of yourself (Greta style which means fun and not boring) or a dear friend looking for love. Goofy pictures are encouraged and masked ones are OK! Send them to and I will post them on my blog. Hey – it can’t hurt. Please no wierd dudes in pink body paint! And I am not Patti from the Millionaire’s Club, I won’t try and change anybody (I leave that to your future partner LMAO). So give it a shot, if Dr. Pheeeeel can do it, dangit – so can I!
(this post can be found at and my personal blog that needs some more loving attention from you)