***150px-love_connection.jpgMy first single looking for love this week is…

Susanna (pretty name), is 30 years young and a Northshore gal. She was born and raised on the South Shore and is a graduate of UNO. She is the proud mom of a 9yo who keeps her busy. She is open-minded, smart, enjoys bike riding, yoga, reading, painting and ceramics. She has a good job job in marketing. Susanna is 5’1″ and friends describe her as pleasantly plump (skinny is soooo over-rated) but she is working on that. She has gorgeous green eyes (I’ve seen the picture). She describes her sense of humor as dry wit. She is also a Kiss My Gumbo Reader which makes her just great in my book:) Susanna also claims to know the entire Pina Colada song by heart (get that out of your head today)!!!

If you are interested in meeting Susanna or would like me to highlight you or a friend this week send me an e-mail with a little bit about you. gretaperry@gmail.com

****I am going to use this chat room service during American Idol tonight (COME JOIN ME), but thought y’all might want to play with it today. BE GOOD!!!
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I have to admit they area pretty good posts.

(PG13 humor – should be safe for most workplaces)

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