Update Friday at 5:30 PM Others talking about this in the blogosphere: American Princess, Sister Toldjah, Ed Driscoll & Mama Pop. See, I’m not the only one talking about vaginas. But I am the one whose boss at NOLA.com may not appreciate it!

Update Friday PM – Big Vagina show coming to NOLA – but will you go??
April 11-12, 2008 Join Salma Hayek, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Glenn Close, Julia Stiles, Ali Larter, Sally Field, Marisa Tomei, Calpernia Addams, Rosario Dawson, Kerry Washington, and musicians Common, Eve, and Charmaine Neville on Friday and Saturday, April 11 – 12, 2008 for V-Day’s mega two-day anniversary celebration in New Orleans at the New Orleans Arena and Louisiana Superdome – V TO THE TENTH.

My 2cents fwiw – I won’t go but I do appreciate the cause.


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Update Friday AM – If you think that what I wrote was a compliment – you are entitled to your opinion. In my 40 years, nobody has every walked up to me and called me a vagina while I smiled and said thank you.

Now normally I would totally avoid scandalous crud like this, but it isn’t nice if someone calls you something bad and you don’t know about it. Is it??? And it is even worse to make fun of New Orleans if you don’t live here!!!! Newsbusters has all the scoop and the transcripts and since many of you may not read that site like geeky Greta (me), I had to let you know who has been talking about you and your city and laughing at you!
No fan of Hanoi Jane here and no desire to every see a show that begins with “Vagina.” Jane was all over the blogosphere earlier today. Various blogs and then news stations reported that Jane dropped the C-bomb on the Today show. Who really cares about her and her potty mouth anyways??? Then, a friend e-mailed me to tell me that later in the tape, New Orleans was called “America’s Vagina!” OY!

I tell you what, Jane Fonda & Eve Ensler, donate $10,000 each (or more) to Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana and we’ll pretend this never happened.

(this scandalous post can be found at NOLA.com and my personal blog – come visit and visit often)

5 Replies to “We were called “America’s Vagina” today NOLA”

  1. Here in Amherst, Massachusetts our HIGH SCHOOL will perform ‘The Vagina Monologues’ this evening. And school officials will not apologize for allowing a teenager to publicly scream the C-word. Yes, this is the same Amherst Regional High School that was the only entity in history to cancel a production of ‘West Side Story’. Only in Amherst!

  2. “America’s Vagina” is a compliment!
    Those who regard Jane Fonda as Hanoi Jane are undoubtedly salivating over her use of the C word during an interview on the Today Show with Meredith Viera and playwright Eve Ensler.
    “I live in Georgia, okay? I was asked to do a monologue called “C—” and I said ‘I don’t think so. I’ve got enough problems.’ But then I came to New York to see Eve, and it changed my life. It really did.”
    The segment, airing on Valentine’s Day, was meant to celebrate the tenth anniversary of V-Day, a movement to end violence against women and girls founded by Ensler which utilizes her play The Vagina Monologues to increase awareness and raise funds.

    Now before you start bashing Fonda, take a look at the video.
    Jane Fonda didn’t say the word to titillate, shock, or gain attention. It was the title of the piece and she said it with aplomb in a casual way.

  3. I’m sorry, but why else would Jane Fonda say “the c word” on teevee EXCEPT to get attention? If not, and it was indeed said in a “casual” way, then I must assume it’s part of her regular vocabulary, used as any other word?
    Sorry, but like the “f word” and others, some words aren’t meant for use in public. Like it or not, most people find the word offensive–regardless of what’s considered a word of empowerment by a faction of feminism (not all feminists think it’s appropriate!).

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