scan0002.JPG This is our 15th Valentine’s Day we celebrate together honey! We may be a little grayer, a little older, and our clothes may have shrunk a little – but I LOVE YOU more than the day we married almost 14 years ago! We have defied the odds of a great marriage and I look forward to our future together. As Sid from Ice Age says, “You complete me.”

**video safe for work and a tribute to hubby’s favorite movie (he is so deranged)

Lovers Leap Frog

Personal #3 (and if you aren’t smart enough to realize that personals #1 & 2 are in the archives…move along…nothing to see here)…

Her name is Michelle and she is 45 and looking about 30 and – oh – so Sex and the City pretty. She ain’t looking for a pauper, but she ain’t no gold-digger either. Michelle is currently living on the Northshore raising her 2 boys. She is recovered (My name is Michelle and it has been 1 year since my divorce…hi Michelle) from a 1 year old divorce and looking for someone to have fun with. She prefers younger men or men that think they are up to the challenge of keeping up with her (slugs need not apply). She was a professional dancer all her life and is a West Coast gal by birth, which means she has asked men on a date. Her disappointment with being single this past year, is that she hasn’t been asked out on a date (hint thint). She loves to work out and dance.

If you think you are up to the challenge of Michelle, or are interested in one of the people profiled in my archives (go find them) or are single or know someone single looking for love (long run-on sentence)…you know the drill. You must go through me, the Princess of Positive, your Gatekeeper to the dating world (at least this week).

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  1. Okay, if the Prince of Positive loves Dumb & Dumber (I cannot imagine why!!!! Ick!) he will love Idiocracy. If you haven’t seen it, you MUST go rent it! I’m usually NOT a fan of silly flicks, but Idiocracy is hilarious! (Sort of scary too, ’cause I can see it coming already!)

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