Last night our friends, Chat & Jen, who own Atmosphere Movers, invited us to go to the Castine Center with them. It was the Jr. League of Covington’s Spring Market Patron Party. My husband NEVER would have gone to one of these shopping events if it wasn’t under these circumstances (alcohol and men who weren’t dragged there by their wives if you know what I mean). I even guilted him into buying Princess Whinalot 2 Hello Kitty headbands – hehe.

Alcohol was provided by Glazer’s, which was a nice surprise since I got to run into Frank Stansbury and finally introduce him to my better half. Frank just launched LaFete Northshore,a one stop calendar for the Northshore. I even bought the domain when I moved here, because I was soooo disappointed that nobody had organized a calendar of events! Frank has done great with Lafete News, which I subscribe to (it’s free). For a case of beer, I will gladly give him the domain name (I drive a hard bargain).

Chat introduces me as “the blogger who you better be careful around or she will write about you.” Of course after talking to mostly everyone he introduced me to, after 5 minutes and the 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon game, I know them or their friend or relative, have written about them directly or indirectly or have organized their house. I really better watch my P’s & Q’s…a girl doesn’t want a tarnished reputation in this small town (The Princess of Positive can’t tarnish her tiara)! Chat, Jen and hubby laughed at how many people I have met over the past year. Well it ain’t like I’m at home eating bon-bons on the couch every day (though a day of that sounds real good).

Music for the event was by the Bucktown Allstars. I won’t put names with the ladies on the stage, but let’s just say that I know them. img_2903.JPGGreat band and the usual – drunk (and sober) women dancing in front of the stage and the guys pretending they must tend to their beverage in the wings. One of these days, I’ll get hubby dancing…and monkeys will fly out of…never mind….

If you haven’t gone to the Spring Market yet, there is still time!!!

The JLGC Spring Market is a shopping extravaganza filled with aisle after aisle of unique, upscale vendors selling items such as, clothing, books, gifts, home décor, seasonal items, jewelry, and much more. Sat. 10am – 7pm & Sun. 11am – 4pm at the Castine Center in Mandeville

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