Gosh I slept like a little baby last night. Yep, sat on the couch eating bonbons yesterday and watching my stories all day(bwahahaha). Well, we went to the zoo yesterday after about a 3 month break. If anyone could figure out how to duplicate yesterday’s weather and sell it, everyone would buy it! In other words, you couldn’t have ordered more perfect weather. Realizing my Audubon membership had expired, I renewed it online. We get the family pass for the zoo and aquarium for $110 as a renewal. A big chunk of change but we go a ton and it pays off immediately!!! The whole fam damily wore shorts and the kids brought their swimsuit for tackling monkey hill! And the seals exhibit is open – YAY!!!img_2913.JPG

Lagniappe!!! Soul Fest was going on all day Saturday and (Sunday too-go head out there today). Perfect day, free stuff, Home Depot kid booth, arts and crafts, blow up crud for the rugmonsters, music and food!!! We were in heaven. Here is a group learning the Cupid Shuffle (which I need to tackle with my kids).img_2922.JPG

The kids got to see all the animals that their Uncle & Aunt adopted for them for Christmas. #1 son visited the American alligator. We told him he had to pet them all to see which one was his – we are cruel. Son #2 was thrilled that he is the parent of the cutest group of Cotton Topped Tamarins. They have the kitchen display and are a blast to watch. Princess Whinalot got her fill of brushing each and every goat in the petting zoo and was pretty sure she heard them calling her “mama.” We Me and the kids could have spent all day there but hubby maxed out (as men do) and it was time to go after 4 hours. BTW, one observation I had to share – Louisiana is the ONLY state where you see people enjoying the zoo with a beer can in their hand and don’t think twice about it. No, I didn’t drink yesterday (chill).

The rest of the afternoon was sooooo beautiful, NO WAY I was staying inside to be a domestic goddess. I took all the kids to the park (walking distance from our house) and a huge family kickball game broke out. Chulo the Stupor Dog and I were cheerleaders and he enjoyed digging in the sand and getting himself a nice cool place to lie down!

Oh shoot – there is a “Sock Hop” at my daughter’s elementary school. Do I have to go? OK, last minute load my kids and neighbor’s kids in the car and bite the bullet Greta. Everyone roll up jeans and put on a white shirt and scarf (not the boys) and we are out the door. The kids had a fabulous time (I had fun watching them – but my fun-meter had expired). They had pizza and root beer floats, bubblegum & hula competitions and danced the night away. It was good old fashioned fun (but I could have used a beer by then). What a great school activity and I believe there were almost 300 people in attendance. img_2927.JPG

Have a fabulous Sunday!!! And don’t forget to read this post twice – for twice the fun! At NOLA.com and my personal blog with tons of lagniappe!!!