My name is Greta. You respond, “Hi Greta.” It has been 4 years ago since I started blogging and I confess, I have a blogging addiction. I’m a blogaholic!

Not making fun of anyone with an addiction- I promise! Just thought we’d have some lighthearted Friday fun today! My neighbor and I were chit-chatting yesterday and he called himself an “Office Depotaholic.” I can give you a few of mine and get this readers…this is where you chime in and give me yours!!

I’m a blogaholic, web surfaholic, electronic gadgetaholic, lifeaholic and Soldiers’ Angelsaholic.

Your turn!!!

Because I post the very same thing on and Kiss My, you can comment on either (but you only have to register to comment on Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

***don’t forget, tonight is the big Soldier’s Angels event!

One Reply to “What kind of “aholic” are you?”

  1. Yeah… I am addicted to. I write for work, but I can always find something to talk about related to it. It’s good to have a way to vent and speak your mind. PS… where’s my helping of jambalya today?

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