* A successful Soldier’s Angels fundraiser last night!!! Big sloppy puppy kisses to all who came out in the lousy weather! I will have pictures up at Soldiers Angels LA after I IV my coffee. So you say you couldn’t attend and still want to give…no problem. I will gladly accept any donations and even come pick them up and ship them off for you. Your financial donations are also still needed and encouraged. 1,000 soldiers’ asked for a cafe’ and we as Louisianans will give them the best “Big Easy Cafe’ we can. Looks like we may have enough funds, so far, to purchase a gaming system and at least (half) of a 20” plasma TV. We accept paypal at the site and there is a widget in the right hand column that will designate your hard earned dollars to this cause – promise. No gift cards or gun cabinets being purchase for me or the other angels! gretaperry@gmail.com if you need me!

* Need a tiara? I’ve got my new custom tiara from Over the Top Tiaras. Yes, it says “Princess of Positive on it.” I LOVE IT!!!!! Every girl needs a tiara and what a fine gift it would make for someone – hint hint! I think it will go over well when I cover the Southern Decadence Festival again!img_2953.JPG

* Need a prom dress?
What: Giving away 1,500 Prom Dresses to local high school girls
Who: The New Orleans Hornets “Better Halves” Group
When: Sunday, March 9, 12-4 p.m.
Where: UNO Health and Human Performance Center
Why: Dresses collected at games and donated by Cache and Pearl’s Place

* Need a good book?
Hoop Life by Doug Saylor. Doug was my kid’s former PE teacher and gave me a copy to review. Sorry to say, but I dragged my feet on this one. I was a PE teacher and read enough “how to” type sports books to give me nightmares. Well, was I ever surprised!!! This book is about Doug himself, a short basketball loving underdog who had good work ethics and made it on the LSU basketball team. It was kind of a Mr. Myagi meets Rudy meets Lucas with Sun Tzu philosphy intertwined throughout book.

This book would be great for any teen who needs a little inspiration to try harder, any overzealous coach or parent who has to understand that you cant create inner drive and ambition in an athlete, or anyone who would benefit from a short, easy to read, pick-me up, feel-good story!

Bummer I can’t put it on my Shelfari yet.

* Wanna see a good band? Come meet me at Daquiris and Cream in Covington tonight at 9:30 (close to my bedtime). The Blackened Blues Band featuring the Blackened Blues Brass is playing. 339 North US Hwy 190 in Covington, (985)871-5000

* I do not have a sore throat, I do not have a sore throat, this is allergies and not a cold, this is allergies and not a cold!

* Thank you to the bloggers who showed up to show their support for the troops last night. Red Stick Rant and Mr. Louisiana Conservative himself came from Baton Rouge while My Bayoux Vieux came with her precious kids! Hooah!

* Yay, my walls are gone!!!img_2944.JPG

* You say Vajay jay – he says Vagina…My head is going to explode!!! Do I dare mess with google? Vagina vagina vagina vagina – GRRRRR tiara tip Belle

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  1. I’ve got the throat thing too, Greta . . . . it’s definitely allergies! 🙂

    Or the insane changes in the weather lately.

    See you later – D

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