Before I dive into today’s post, I want to make sure you got yourself a good helping of Saturday Jambalaya. Lots of info there that you don’t want to miss!

On with Sunday’s post…..I confess, I was a Dirty Dancing addict (My name is Greta and I watched DD hundreds of times – you respond “Hi Greta”). I was deeply saddened to learn that Patrick Swayze is battling terminal cancer. So… this post is dedicated to a real manly man who I always liked. Maybe I’ll sit on the couch all day and have a Ghost, Road house, and Dirty Dancing marathon while shoveling in bonbons.

Well, last night, I saw some real dancing. I dragged my sorry-ass, out of the house, way past my bedtime, to meet my pal Debbi and listen to the Blackened Blues Band in Covington. Daquiris and Cream was filled with the widest array of people just out to have a good time and to DANCE!! REALLY DANCE!!!! Blackened Blues has a following of people fer sure – people who like their eclectic genre of blues, soul and classic rock, played with their unique style. I had the pleasure of getting pulled out on the floor by 2 fine gentlemen during the evening to learn to dance (go ahead and get the Dirty Dancing song “I’ve had the time of my life” out of your head today). I mean, I have rhythm, but no skills. Dang, my generation sucks at dancing! Hubby and I failed Arthur Murray and have always had a good time when we go out – but dancing is usually reserved for me and a bunch of drunk friends!

Not tonight, I actually danced and learned how to follow (something this Alpha female has trouble doing). I stumbled all over the place, but with good partners leading, I had a BLAST!!! It would have been the perfect night if nobody stuck those freaking cancer sticks in their mouths (I showered to get the smell out when I got home) – but oh well – tis life. I had a great time and realized my boys need to learn to dance if they want to woo the women with more than their looks and charming personalities. I may have been bitten by the dancing bug – ruh roh! I leave you with the most famous Dirty Dancing clip and my favorite SNL clip with Chris Farley & Patrick Swayze trying out for Chippendales (both safe for children).

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  1. My mom bought me the “Ultimate Dirty Dancing” edition on DVD for Christmas. I might actually take the plastic off and watch it in five years when both kids are in school everyday! You are welcome to borrow it. I know i won’t be needing it anytime soon.

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