Will Boudreaux’s Butt Paste cure them both? Just saying… and hopefully stirring things up a little with you today. I’ve always been a huge Dr. Laura fan and had to say I was very saddened that she placed blame on Mrs. Spitzer for her hubby being a prostitute junkie. I heard the first of it while sitting in the dentist’s chair today. Ouch (what she said and my gums)! Then there is Nagin and chocolate & vaginas…oh my!

What say you? Do you agree with Dr. Laura? Do you think maybe Spitzer was just an arrogant, self-absorbed SOB? Do you blame the wife automatically for a philandering husband or vis-versa? Do you think it helps New Orleans to be known as a vagina friendly city with a vagina friendly Mayor? UGH!!! My head just exploded and made an awful mess on my puter – must go clean it!

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One Reply to “Dr. Laura has Nagin “Foot-in-Mouth” disease”

  1. Normally intelligent Dr Laura is an idiot.

    Spitzer was caught by “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. He is an arrogant, self-absorbed SOB.

    I will leave it to you to deal with your mayor

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