That’s it – I’ve had it with all this “Princess of Positive” crap! For now on I am going by the name “Queen of Doom and Gloom.” Having to look at the glass as half-full is for idiots, morons, and losers. Face it – life sucks and it sucks even worse if you – the reader – have to read the positive garbage I spew out on a daily basis. Screw the idea of only writing restaurant reviews if I like the restaurant. Time to share the real scoop about all the lousy service I have had, crappy food and the filthy bathrooms. As for being a self-imposed “Good-Will Ambassador” for the New Orleans area – I QUIT!!! This place is lousy, corrupt, people bitch and moan all day about their poor stuff being lost by a storm over 2 years ago. Puh-leeze folks, “poor you” ain’t flying with me for one more second. The world’s smallest violin ain’t playing “My heart bleeds for you” NO MORE!!! As for corruption, this state is pathetic, an ominous black hole for the misuse of funds. There is no light at the end of the tunnel – each politician is a hundred times worst than the last one. We might as well stop voting! Face it, if you live in the greater New Orleans area – you are in the armpit of America and the odor STINKS like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras!!!

As soon as my husband finds a better job, we are leaving this hell-hole and going to a better state. Which, IMHO (in my honest opinion), is anywhere but here!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA! Bet I got a few of ya!

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  1. That was good!

    Greta, I need another message for our countertops soon … maybe something about the use of cell phones at a customer service-related business and maybe how it frustrates the employees and hinders business … something like that. Anyway, you’ll word it perfectly! Hey, I don’t need it today! Take your time. Our customers really like those messages. I get compliments every day on them.


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