fridgedoor_1995_101762123.gifI wish I could declare it “The Summer of Greta” and slowly decompose like George did (a little Seinfled humor for you). But I am officially declaring it the start of summer – NOW. Two more months of school, planning the vacation to Destin, signing kids up for camps…yep summer! The pool is clean and will heat up soon enough to suit my zero body-fat middle child. Our boat is now mildew-free and if we can ever figure how to register our trailer in this state (grrrr 2 visits to the DMV so far and no luck- how come the rules change on each visit?) we will legitimately have it on the road and in the Tchefuncte this weekend!

It is a dirty, painful job, but it is time to put away all the long sleeve shirts and “winterish” looking clothes everyone! As I unpacked clothes from our trip to Boston last week, it did not pain me to put them away until next year! Good-bye sweaters, good-bye winter boots – hello sandals!!!! My new philosophy is to simplify my wardrobe and stick with a few decent pieces of clothes and keep a few that I like. Ya – I’ll be seen all over town in the same outfit – but it will be a good one! I love dresses and can’t wait to break them out with cute sandals. I like Garanimals for adults and dresses solve any woman fashion dilemmas. As to not leave my male readers out – please please do not wear old crappy t-shirts everywhere as summer attire. Go buy a few decent ones without “you have to love my sports team” or “this is my favorite bar from like 25 years ago.” And please do not wear shirts which have a printed date past 5 years unless it is in mint condition! Buy a couple of shirts without print and a couple of Tommy Bahama style shirts, a couple of khaki shorts and for the love of God – DO NOT WEAR CROCS or cruddy flip-flops (leather ones may pass the Greta test) with anything. My hubby will continue to go against my fashion advice grrrrrrr….. Speaking of Crocs, once again I had to share my favorite fashion advice post of all times. Yes people, CROCS ARE THE UGLIEST THING ON THIS PLANET!!!!

The only thing I could pass on is the allergy thing, but whatever was making my head want to explode over the past few days, seems to have passed. I also am itchy this AM because Chulo the Stupor Dog seems resistant to Frontline and now we have fleas!!! Ewwwwwwww!!!! It is only April fercryingoutloud!

Oh ya, if you need someone to help you organize the task of sorting away your winter clothes, I know a heckuva Professional Organizer (hehe). I am also looking for some Louisiana LOL Animal submissions. I can see a crawfish in a Croc right now! Also, if you want to do something to support the troops, ask me about Soldiers’ Angels!

***Chicken Soup for the Soul is way overrated – Kiss My Gumbo for the soul is waaaaaay better! Get is every day on Kiss My or! And fertheloveofallthatisgoodandevil put those Crocs away!

4 Replies to “Summer begins now-because I say so!”

  1. Count me in as one of the people in this country who NEVER has and NEVER will own a pair of Crocs. I hate them. The only people they are cute on are 1 year olds.

  2. Well, I LOVE my Crocs, and I’m going to get some more. They are sooo comfortable, and I’m on my feet all day long. Tennis shoes are too hot, etc.

    Frontline does not work. I used it for years for my dogs, and finally visited Ponga’s Pet Palace, on 59 toward Abita, 867-8600. They’ll tell you the truth. Veterinarians get paid to sell Frontline. Advantage (Advantix?) works!

  3. I have two pairs of Crocs that mainly use around the house because I have tile floors and hate walking on them. They are great for the beach or while kayaking because they can get wet and you won’t care. Other than that, I try to not to wear them out. My friend is obsesses and I think all of her shoes are some variation of Crocs. That is all she took to Germany despite the fact that I told her that it was freaking cold there this time of the year and the people there would look at her funny. She didn’t listen.

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