Ya, I know I said I’d keep politics off Kiss My Gumbo – don’t worry, it ain’t like I am endorsing a candidate for Congress on this blog or anything (first name starts with S and ends with E). But I had to tell you about the event I attended last night in New Orleans. The worlds of humor and politics collided at the Cricket Club with Ringside Politics with a Punch’s 6th anniversary show. This was also the day my Ringside virginity was stolen – sniff sniff. Left, right or middle of the political spectrum doesn’t matter for this event, it is all about fun and poking fun at politics and the local issues! People are way too serious in the world, this is great for everyone, esp. here in Louisiana, where laughing at politicians is a local past-time (sad but true).

My date for the event was Ray K – a good e-mail friend who I actually got to hang with in person (I love when that kind of stuff happens). We ended up sitting at a table with my friend Stephanie – dang after a year, this place is already getting small (I better behave)!

Jeff Crouere was the MC and he egged his panel of 6 guests on for a truly entertaining time! Best line of the evening from Jeff Crouere, “We know Vitter is a fiscal conservative because he only spent $300 per hour on prostitutes, while Spitzer spent $5,000.” bwhahaha! Topics included: granite & Nagin, bowling with Obama, ICF, garbage, red light cameras, and of course – vaginas!

Maybe I’ll get to sit on the panel someday. I can see me up there with a beer and my Princess of Positive tiara on!

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* Yes, I fixed this post up early this AM. If you are reading this for the second time – I didn’t mean to press publish last night – I wasn’t completely done – D’oh!

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  1. Would have loved to have been there, Greta, but “school nights” and a ride across the lake don’t mix too well for me. I must be getting old!

    See you tonight – I hope.

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