*** wist.jpgMy premier radio show is right around the corner! Mark your calendar – April 19th 3:00 WIST AM 690! I am so excited!

*** Wanna send a crawfish boil “to go” to someone? Well I’ve got the solution for you. Cajun Grocer wanted me to sample their product and sent me 10 pounds of live crawfish in a styrofoam cooler today (I love free stuff). Yep, the little buggers were alive and well, lying next to their flavoring. Very cool! Sounds like a great gift idea!

*** I want to sue Frontline for the fleas in my house. Listen up pet owners, Advantix or Comfortis are the way to go!!! I have treated 4 cats and the dog this week and have scrubbed the house up and down! I didn’t bomb the house yet because we are getting rid of the carpet next week and getting wood floors. Dang, we never had fleas before. This is nasty and I can’t stop scratching!!! I think I got it under control as all the pets are A-OK now. But still ewwww.

*** Ruby’s Roadhouse in Mandeville was rocking last night with the Blackened Blues Band. BTW – they are going to do some original intro music for my radio show – too cool! Yes, I wrote on the ceiling with chalk (a big heart with me & hubby’s initials – how special).

*** Welcome to the Northshore Aaron Neville (I won’t tell my mom or she’ll be stalking him).

*** Woot Woot Hornets!!!

*** Thanks to my pal Indian Chris for photoshopping the picture for me. If you go to the main site, you will see that the rest of the staff have a similar picture. LOL!

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